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Die Slides zu meinem ASP.NET Web API Round-Up bei der Online-Usergroup finden sich hier: Samples finden sich hier. Die Aufzeichnung ist ebenfalls online: ASP.NET Web API Round Up from .NET Online User Group on Vimeo.
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Microsoft hat heute auf den TechDays in Belgien die lang erwartete ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta vorgestellt und auch öffentlich zum Download bereitgestellt. Die für mich wichtigste Neuerung ist die Integration der bisherigen WCF Web API in den ASP.NET Stack. Einer der Hauptgründe für die Zusammenführung der... [More]
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If you’re deploying a WCF Web API application to your IIS 7.x you might receive a HTTP Error 404.0 (MapRequestHandler / StaticFile): As you know, WCF Web API relies on .NET Framework 4.0. So lets take a look into the application pool for our application: Everything looks fine here. So lets d... [More]
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With WCF Web API there has been introduced some new stuff called JsonValue and JsonArray. If you want to POST some JSON to your Web API method like this without having some corresponding .NET objects on the server side: You can easily parse it using JsonValue and JsonArray: Or the "prettifi... [More]
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This posting is the first posting in a series of blog posts to show you what has changed from WCF Web API Preview 4 to Preview 5. If you’ve already been working with WCF Web API in Preview 4, you may have extensively used Fiddler to create your requests or inspect your responses. If you’re working... [More]
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Die Slides und Demos zum WCF Web API Round-Up vom 05.09.2011 bei der Online-Usergroup bzw. zu meinem Vortrag bei der .NET Usergroup Leipzig am 09.09.2011 können hier zusammengefasst heruntergeladen werden. Slides / Demos.
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Authenticating users with WCF Web API using basic authentication is a common use case. Yet this does not always fit all needs – sometimes you may want to give users access to resources based on the roles they belong to. We want to gain users role based access to resources by attributing the resour... [More]
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When you’re hosting  WCF Web API inside an ASP.NET MVC 3 Website and doing Basic Authentication you may stuck with the following problem: According to REST principles your Basic Authentication implementation will return a 401 (Unauthorized) status code. But your client gets a 404 (Not Found).... [More]
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Disclaimer: I know that there are things like FTP In one of my projects I need to transfer files from my WPF-Application to a server which is only available through HTTP. Lets solve this using WCF Web API and it’s HttpClient: Files are received by a resource method called “Upload” [WebInvoke(Me... [More]
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When it comes to consuming a Web API with jQuery, you’ll want to use JSON as it’s lightweight and easy to handle with jQuery. As always, when something seems to become a silver bullet there arise some new problems on the horizon. And so do jQuery and JSON when trying to receive some JSON from a fo... [More]